We're building a new Bay Street entry

What works are you doing out on Bay Street?

We are refurbishing the façade and main entry to the centre on Bay Street to improve the standard and presentation of the centre, which will provide a positive environment for both our retailers and customers. Works will include:

A new glazed awning along Bay Street (between Grose Street and Francis St);
New under awning signage as well as a new “Broadway Sydney” blade sign on the façade above the main entry;
New footpath paving along Bay Street (between Grose Street ad Francis Street);
Refurbishment of existing façade cladding;
New lighting; and
New and refurbished shopfronts along Bay Street.
When will the works finish?
We anticipate all works will be completed by September 17.

What will the construction work hours be?
Construction hours will comply with noise-restriction regulations under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997. Standard hours of work are as specified in the development consent: Monday to Saturday, 7.30am to 10pm with no works allowed on Sundays or public holidays.

Will we get any new retailers (or other specific stores)?
Yes, we are introducing one new retailer and will be able to release details very soon.

Will the works affect my day-to-day living as a nearby resident?
Due to the nature of the work there may be some minor noise and minor disruption, however we expect disruption to local residents to be minimal, and will keep the community informed of any major works in advance. We will endeavour to minimise disruption to the community by developing relevant management plans (e.g. traffic management) and communicating these changes in advance.

I heard you were replacing the escalators and introducing a new entry to the centre. Is that true?
The existing escalators and lift will remain, there are no immediate plans to change these entry points to the centre.

Will access to the shops and services along Bay Street and Francis Street be impacted during the works?
All shops and services will be fully accessible during the works, signage will be installed to redirect pedestrians if required. The escalators which connect to the Ground Floor of the centre will remain operational during the works.

Will the Community Bus or the Post Boxes be impacted during the works?
The free Community Bus will operate as usual and there will be no impact to the Australia Post Boxes on Bay Street.

What other works are you doing out the front of the Centre?
Two raised pedestrian crossings are being constructed; 1. across Grose Street at Bay Street and 2. across Bay Street to replace the current island crossing opposite the centre. These crossings will calm traffic and provide improved access for pedestrians and customers accessing Broadway Sydney.

Construction works will be undertaken in two stages, commencing with the Grose Street crossing on Monday 6 February. Traffic Management will be in place and signage will assist to direct pedestrians during the works.

Who do I contact if I have a question or issue? For further information about the redevelopment of Broadway, please contact our Centre Manager, Justine Saltmarsh, on (02) 9213 3333.