What Does Your Cocktail Order Say About You?

Starsign? Irrelevant. Your mum? She knows nothing. The cocktail menu will reveal who you
really are.

Scroll on to find out more. There’s a better answer floating in your drink than you’ll ever find in a magic eight ball…


Espresso Martini
You’ve always taken things a little too seriously. There’s a seconds’ delay when you laugh at a joke. Your intense focus from 9-5 has caused whispered worries to spread around the office. But - oh there’s a but. You flip a switch once the sun goes down. Wild. Absolutely wild. You’ve sustained many injuries from dance floor antics. Legend has it that once you even flew to Berlin for 18 hours only. If you’re gonna party, you seriously party.


Often found looking broody in a corner alone. Great listeners. Better still for a deep and meaningful conversation come 4am. You can turn anything into a form of meditation. Even in a big crowd you get lost in your own thoughts. Friends would pay big money to find out “what’s going on in that head”. But you’re not concerned what others think of you. There’s more profound questions to ponder over.


You still wear a toe ring, even though it’s no longer the 90s. Your first email address was - sometimes you still use it. In a past life, you’d be found riding a white horse, bareback, along the glistening beaches of Cuba. Your perfect morning alarm would be a stray cockerel gently crowing by your window (just so rustic!) Anyone who visits you leaves with a bespoke concoction of essential oils made to fix their worries. 






If you were a city, you’d be New York. Thrilling, enticing, but hard as nails. You live a fast-paced life. You haven’t read a book in 8 years, simply because it takes too long. Your texts are blunt and you never use emojis. But you’ve got a secret soft side. Home alone on a Friday night you go full Bridget Jones. Crying at rom coms, eating ice-cream out the tub. But come Saturday morning, you’re back to spinning class with your game face on.


Bloody Mary
In the morning, you set five different alarms to wake you up. You snooze each of these for 10 to 15 minutes. You love cooking for friends but more than once, your guests have alerted you to the smell of burning. Each plant in your home has a full name. When it slips your mind, you often ask them out loud whether they’ve been watered recently. The mint, Mary J Blige, is your favourite as she can withstand anything.


There you have it! We always knew the meaning of life could be found at the bottom of a glass. Whatever your personality type, there’s no rift a shared drink (or two!) can’t bridge. Despite our differences, one thing unites us. We’ve all got an inner Mixologist desperate to get out. Find the right cocktail kit and transform your living room into your new favourite local. Pour a glass and let the stories come pouring out as well.